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How the founding of the Minneapolis Park System brought about revolutionary change.
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Download 7-17-2017 News Release: Minneapolis City Republican Convention meets Tuesday, July 18th to consider endorsement for Mayor; bobagain seeks endorsement, but does not expect it, due partly to his new book: Break Glass Impeach Trump

Download 4-4-2017 News Release: NEWS INVESTIGATION – 3rd video -- Fact Checking Fact Checkers… (5 minutes) – shows FactCheck, PolitiFact transcripts & Conventional Wisdom that AG Sessions lied at confirmation hearing are factually wrong; letters sent to AG Sessions, Sen. Franken

Video for 4/4 News Release

Download 3-29-2017 News Release: NEWS ANALYSIS – Metro Council and allies say Omnibus Transportation bills could lead to potentially 40% in service cuts; CTIB Chair McLaughlin confirms the Legislature could require the CTIB to make up the difference for regular route bus service

Video for 3/29 News Release

Download 3-24-2017 News Release: NEWS INVESTIGATION – New video - Fact Checking the Fact Checkers… - shows FactCheck/PolitiFact transcripts, a basis for claims that AG Jeff Sessions lied at his confirmation hearing, are factually wrong; says: We stand behind our story

Video for 3/24 News Release

Download 3-13-2017 News Release: BREAKING NEWS – Widespread reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have lied at his confirmation hearing are factually wrong – a new video shows Sessions said the opposite of what reported when he answered Sen. Al Franken’s question

Video for 3/13 News Release

Download 8-27-2015 News Release: NEWS RELEASE: Transit advocate bobagain releases "modified 3C" SWLRT alternative; Eden Prairie & Minnetonka cut; starts at Shady Oak; follows Greenway to Uptown & I-35W; elevated above Freeway to Convention Center; links to Green Line at Target Field

Download:bobagain's modified 3C alternative route, this is a supplement to the 8-27 News Release

Download 7-24-2015 News Release: NEWS RELEASE: Metro Council approves new round of Municipal Consent Hearings; Availability of Federal Funding appears unclear if Legislature does not provide more money; bobagain and other submit extensive comments as SDEIS comment period ends

Video for 7/24 News Release

Download 7-8-2015 News Release: NEWS RELEASE: Transit Alternatives advocate bobagain and others are expected to again protest the Met Council’s "lack of any public hearing" at today’s Southwest LRT final Council vote; $1.744B project cost amount is questioned, may be $30 million too low

Video for 7/8 News Release

Download 7-1-2015 News Release: NEWS RELEASE: Transit Alternatives advocate bobagain will protest at Met Council’s Committee meeting today the "lack of any public hearing" before a scheduled vote next week on the "slashed back" plan to be presented today for Southwest Light Rail

Video for 7/1 News Release

Download 6-18-2015 News Release: BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker: "No" to more state $'s for Southwest LRT; Met Council Chair: would be "up to us... either through the Met Council or through other local governments" to "find $150 million somewhere else" if state money "doesn't come thru"

Video for 6/18 News Release; go to one minute (1:00) on time line for brief dialogue with Met Council Chair Duininck

Download 6-10-2015 News Release: NEWS RELEASE: "Candidate-Journalist" and Lobbyist for "We the People" releases youtube video to "help Minnesota's 'Media Establishment' understand and report on the Legislature's cut and 'repurposing' of $30 million in Southwest LRT funding"

Video for 6/10 News Release

Download 6-2-2015 News Release: NEWS ANALYSIS: Legislature's almost completely unreported decision to "eliminate almost $30 million of Southwest Light Rail funding represents an incredible failure in Minnesota Journalism"; "Metro Council's current SWLRT plan is obviously doomed"

Download 5-20-2015 News Release: "Lights On" Transportation bill includes agreement to eliminate 2013 unspent and unencumbered appropriation balance of almost $30 million for Southwest Light Rail: "repurposed" money goes to Metro Council/Metro Transit for operating purposes

Download 5-16-2015 News Release: "We the People" Lobbyist and "Candidate/Journalist" reports on Met Coouncil's 5/6/15 "Bureaucratic Steam Roller Organizing Meeting" posts new youtube video with meeting audio; says"recent Federal Courtorder... bodes ill for Met Council's plan"

Download:Met Council 5-6-15 meeting slide deck (supplement to 5-16 News Release)

Download 5-6-2015 News Release: "We the People" Lobbyist and "Candidate/Journalist" calls on Legislature to hold immediate hearing on Southwest Light Rail; announces independent "We the People" hearings for next Monday at 3 locations, including "Tree #1" at Legislature

Download 5-1-2015 News Release: "We the People" Lobbyist and "Candidate/Journalist" says: "Minnesota is at risk of spending an additional $121.8 million on Southwest Light Rail this year – the Legislature must immediately enact a freeze on SWLRT spending"

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Challenge and Opportunity: A Minnesota Public/Private Transit Revolution By: Bob “Again” Carney Jr.

 Whatever this year's Legislature cooks up, we can't -- simply can't -- keep doing Transportation As Usual, or so chants the Light Rail “Conventional Wisdom Chorus”.

Let me suggest that doing Light Rail as any kind of a linear, continuous extension of the past might be just as bad, or worse, than doing nothing. We are not Shanghai, London, or New York, and never will be. Retrofitting our lagging, “losing-to-Portland” Twin Cities with nineteenth century rail at twenty second century prices is a bad idea whose time has come... and gone!

Instead, let's try something Minnesota used to do really well. Let's organize and channel our long established political freedom to Demand a Public/Private Transit Revolution, right here in Minnesota. Let's use something China doesn't have: our dormant, doormat, but still-real ability to make State and Local Governments respond to us.

Coordinating the Public and Private sectors to actually “promote the general welfare” instead of special interests has always been tough. Our American System was designed from the get-go to prefer stability to efficiency; future Revolutions were to be peaceful and Private Sector Only.

But in Minneapolis, and Minnesota, we have at least one truly amazing historical example of a successful Public/Private Revolution: the founding of the Minneapolis Park System, and it is a carefully and deliberately planned and organized System. We need to think Transit Revolution with the same hundred year time frame, the same stewardship and breadth of vision, and let me be blunt: the same speculative savvy taken by the civic leaders who founded our Park System.

Whatever the next Century brings, we know it will be automated. The 19th Century was Rail, the 20th was Cars... Freeways... Buses -- the 21st will be Automated Everything. This is our planning touchstone.

Republicans in the State House should probe the assumptions behind the Conventional Wisdom chant: twenty years of a $1 billion annual budget gap. Republicans should also challenge the Metro Council's congested “Managed Growth” mindset. When cars “know” what adjacent vehicles will do, is congestion necessary? Might we plan for zero slowdowns and delays, and for the competitive advantages that would come from that?

Our real “knowledge gap” isn't just automated driving per se. Our biggest gap, practically a vacuum, is in thinking through what automated driving will mean for Public/Private Transportation and Transit Systems, again with the emphasis on System. What new opportunities, and yes, what kind of Revolution, might be possible?

Here's the bare bones of Automated-Everything Transit Revolution:

* Promote the General Welfare” = make everyone better off = Uber-Equity;"

* A massive jobs program, using thousands of Metro Mobility size buses;

* A point-to-point service grid, not just a downtown centered hub-and-spoke system;

* Five minute service or better, no schedules;

* Real-time vehicle dispatch as needed;

* Transit is a utility, Driver's License = Go-To card

* Property tax pays the base rate;

* Automate everything ASAP;

* Car2Go, Uber, bikes and beyond (shhh!... patentable stuff) for “last mile” gaps as needed.

Post-1776 American Revolutions have been centered in the Private sector because it is designed to be disruptive... to produce “Creative Destruction.” A little capitalism goes a long way, but too much can be fatal, that's why we have a mixed economy. The Public and Non-profit sectors are in a real sense the “anti-” to an ever upthrusting ATV Private sector that wants to run over anything in its way. It's fair and probably inevitable to ask: how can the Public sector be part of a Revolution?! when its essential character seems to be more like “Uncreative Self-preservation.”

Here's the reality: the size and scope of existing public sector glaciers... sorry... entities, is essentially a given. These entities are somewhat reformable, and they could melt slowly given enough time (decades). This means for transportation and transit, the existing Metro Transit and Metro Council can and will cooperate only if they are convinced no one's job, or pay, is threatened.

However, “hold-harmless” is only for current employees. Unions can and have accommodated to necessary compensation and other caps for new hires. Here's a deal that will work for Metro Transit: first, no threats to existing jobs or pay, in fact we'll launch a giant jobs program. However, it's with this understanding: at some point, all the thousands of newbie-driven Metro Mobility size buses will be automated. That's why the new jobs will be mostly or entirely part time. They might last for decades, but some or most could be gone in as soon as ten year.

By the way, isn't this essentially what Obama did with Obamacare? Lesson one: you have to accommodate all existing interest groups to make any major change in the public sector. Lesson two: let's be honest about what we're doing.

With this approach, a Public/Private Transit Revolution is possible. Now let's blend in our special Minnesota-made Creative Destruction secret sauce: intellectual property. With massive, deliberate, organized Public/Private coordination, not only does Transit Revolution become possible, industrial-scale inventing is needed, for new ________'s that will make sense only or mostly in the context of Public/Private coordination. The State that spawns this (hint: starts with an “M”) will have a first mover advantage as the hub of a new global industrial sector.

I've made a start... my patent-pending “Transit Cloverleaf” enables bus transfers at a Freeway Cloverleaf... impossible today due to the inner loops. The “Transit Cloverleaf” includes a quick, inexpensive start-up configuration, with staged upgrade paths to something unique and amazing. I've got many more ideas in mind, and I'm eager to work with people on all of them. Let's launch Transit Revolution right here in Minnesota. Let's create thousands of new jobs -- tens of thousands -- including jobs ideal for people now working at Public sector entities, such as, say, the Metro Council.

I'll be working on this at the 2015 Legislative session. Step one is a petition I'm circulating, with fifty or sixty signatures so far, calling on MNDOT, Metro Transit, Hennepin/Ramsey and Minneapolis/St. Paul to come to an all day Transit Revolution presentation, including two alternative plans for Southwest LRT. “Plan A”is buses only, “Plan B” modifies and improves the Southwest plan, and preserves Kenilworth.)

Let's approach Transportation and Transit with the same approach, and the same hundred year time frame, that launched our amazing Minneapolis Park System.

Download "Plan A": Southwest Light Rail Alternative -- 4-9-2014 edition

Download Southwest Plan B -- Uptown Route -- 4-9-2014 Edition

Crowd Funded Video Series

Chapter 2 of my new crowd funded video series is now up on youtube. It's also right above this text (of course!)

Chapter 2 features an interview with Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel -- go to 5:40 on the time line (minute 5, second 40).

There will initially be two ways to contribute.

First, you can contribute using GoFundMe. The minimum contribution for this option is $5.00 (the transaction cost is 14% for $5.00, including a thirty cent fixed cost, so for larger contributions the transaction cost heads towards about 8%). Just click on the link below

Go to my GoFundMe page

Second, GoFundMe allows people to contribute directly, by means such as sending a check. For this option, there is zero transaction cost. You can simply mail me a check (or give it to me in person). Please send me an e-mail, using the link below, if you're interested in doing this.

Send me an e-mail

I'm working on at least two other options. One will make smaller contributions possible on-line. One of my goals is to make it possible for a very large number of people to contribute very small amounts, such as one dollar. This will demonstrate broad support for what I'm doing, something just as important to what I'm doing as the dollar amounts received. The other will let you contribute stuff -- which I will sell via ebay or yard sales, or something. I don't have a timeline for these options.

Here is some important disclaimer-type info:

First, this is not tax deductible.

Second, I am planning to launch a for-profit business offering consulting services, and commercializing intellectual property for better transit. I just want you to know that I'll be doing this.

Third, I will be using the money raised to both purchase any needed resources to produce the video series, and to pay myself for the work I am doing on the video series, and related work such as publishing internet based news coverage of Southwest LRT and better transit options, and rendering the video series in an e-book format, with content that tracks the chapter outline of the video series.

Fourth, I am a registered lobbyist for "We the People", an informal association, but I plan to do this lobbying work separately from this GoFundMe project.