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Download 7-31-2020 News Release: MN GOP US Senate candidate bobagain publishes book review of POWER DIVIDED IS POWER CHECKED, by Jason Lewis, whose Dangerous Opinions are unknown, unreported on, and unchecked; will host ZOOM book discussion for media Monday at noon

Download 7-24-2020 News Release: MN GOP US Senate candidate bobagain will begin Zoom public meetings and Press Availabilities Monday; launches tiny but far-reaching ad campaign; challenges Jason Lewis to debate and defend his proposed Succession and Disunion Amendment

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“Dangerous Opinions” and Civil War — America’s Constitutional Emergency

Here’s what my campaign is about:

by Bob “Again” Carney Jr.

Commentary: 1,700 words, a seven minute read

The “Dangerous Opinions” of both GOP US Senate candidate Jason Lewis and President Trump are a Constitutional emergency. Many people simply don’t realize how radical both of them really are. Unfortunately, many in the Republican party today hold views that are both radical and incoherent.

We are in a crazy situation. Let me emphasize: not only is an American Civil War II a real danger — Jason Lewis has proposed a Constitutional amendment that, if ratified, would make it almost inevitable. This commentary shows in detail why that is true.

This is why I’m running — as an “Openly Sane Republican.” Resisting a vacuous Trump “Cult of Personality” and working to prevent an “American Civil War II” are THE issues this year. This is why I’m not addressing any other issues — if I win the primary, I will start to do that. But first things first! We need to examine more closely how far to the right many Republicans have moved. Minnesota has had a great tradition of moderate, reasonable Republican leaders. That has been lost — and it is a real question whether it can ever be restored — but I believe we must at least try, for the good of Minnesota and America.

By the Way — to gain a perspective on what has been lost, you might want to take a look at the Star Tribune May 20th Op–Ed page — an image of it is shown below, followed by a link you can click on to download the page as a .pdf file (suggestion, open it in a separate tab — when you use the .pdf Zoom it’s quite readable). This features three articles — one by Jason Lewis, one by me, and one by former Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It is a response to an earlier article by former Sen. Dave Durenberger and his former Chief of Staff Tom Horner, who went on to be the Independence Party’s candidate for Governor in 2010. I concluded my article by asking Mr. Horner to challenge Jason Lewis for the GOP Senate nomination — we spoke by phone, but he declined, so I filed — someone has to at least try! Jason’s article is quite a contrast to the tone and temperament Gov. Pawlenty advocates for.

(Commentary continues below image…)

Download the Strib Op–Ed page

(… Commentary continued)

“Dangerous Opinions” was originally believed by some to be grounds for impeachment and removal from office — that view was expressed and argued for at the time of the 1805 impeachment trial of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. I would put many “cancel culture” ideas in that category too — but again, first things first… that’s something to address if I win the primary.

Today our country is so divided that it’s vital and essential for everyone to try to find ways to listen and work together. If we don’t, we face the real danger of an “American Civil War II.” That could not and would not be anything like America’s first Civil War, simply because at that time we were divided along State lines. Today, America has undergone what has been called the “big sort.” We have become geographically clustered into communities of like–minded people within states. In Minnesota, a rural–urban divide has developed.

We simply cannot let this level of division continue unchallenged.

I recently read Power Divided is Power Checked: the Argument for States Rights, published by Mr. Lewis in 2011. Frankly, I was both shocked and surprised. Shocked by the “Dangerous Opinions” Mr. Lewis holds… but also surprised that they don’t seem to have been challenged by anyone in either of two Congressional campaigns when he was on a Minnesota general election ballot. When starting this campaign, my main focus was on what Trump has done to America and to the Republican party. I assumed that anything extraordinarily dangerous about Mr. Lewis would have been surfaced and publicized in his earlier campaigns — and hadn’t heard anything that I thought was in that category.

Unfortunately I was horribly wrong about that assumption!

Let’s take a closer look. First, Mr. Lewis does demonstrate foundational knowledge supporting a limited role for the federal government, with checks and balances, and residual state sovereignty. Republicans look first to well administered State and local government.

However, while the Founders believed governments can and should “promote the general Welfare,” they knew that all government power is dangerous. Safeguarding “We the People” from misused government power is foundational to our Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention. They also knew that unity is vital. This is why the preamble of our federal Constitution names our country the United States of America.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lewis — who clearly should know better — blatantly ignores both President Trump’s long history of testing and overstepping all limits of any kind, and our vital need for national unity.

Lewis concludes his book by promoting an inconceivably disastrous “American Civil War II” Constitutional amendment. Below is the text of a 300 word letter I submitted to the Star tribune August 7th — probably too late for them to print, especially since Mr. Lewis would have little time to respond. I render this with horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the letter — to make it easy to distinguish the letter text from the rest of this longer commentary.

In his 2011 book Power Divided is Power Checked Jason Lewis proposed a disastrous Constitutional Amendment that would destroy the United States of America.

In Article I, Section 8 our Constitution gives Congress an explicit “General Welfare” power — here’s what it says (emphasis added): “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States;…” Both Social Security and Medicare are Constitutionally founded on this explicit power; (Helvering v Davis, a 1937 New Deal Supreme Court case.)

Mr. Lewis’ proposed amendment says: “The general welfare clause in the preamble and in Article 1, Section 8, of this Constitution shall not be construed to grant the federal branches of government any extended powers not previously or subsequently and specifically enumerated in this Constitution.” Here’s the inescapable conclusion: Mr. Lewis proposes a Constitutional requirement to abolish both Social Security and Medicare!

The amendment also establishes a Constitutional right to secede from the Union: “It is also hereby established that any state whose inhabitants desire through legal means and in accordance with state law to leave this union of the several states shall not be forcibly refrained [“refrained” is not a typo] from doing so by the federal government of these United States.”

Secession is what President Lincoln and men of Minnesota’s 1st Infantry Regiment died to prevent. Read it carefully! How would it prevent seceding states from leaving behind their share of existing federal debt?

Jason Lewis’ proposed amendment, if ratified, would trigger secession and destroy the Union — the United States of America.

This is why I’m supporting Joe Biden for president and opposing Jason Lewis in Tuesday’s Republican US Senate primary.

Bob “Again” Carney Jr., Minneapolis

Regarding the “Dangerous Opinions” of President Trump, consider what he said about Presidential and federal power April 14th.

“When somebody’s the President of the United States the authority is total. And that’s the way it’s gotta be… You can look at [it] constitutionally, you can look at federalism, you can look at it any different way…” While Trump says “I don’t want to exert my power…” he then repeats: “The federal government has absolute power. It has the power. As to whether or not I’ll use that power, we’ll see.”

At the time Trump’s claim was widely rebuked, even ridiculed. But former Sen. Gary Hart’s recent article spotlights “virtually dictatorial powers” a President can claim -- simply by declaring an “emergency.” These powers are deeply rooted in federal law going back to the Insurrection Act of 1807. More recently, the 1977 International Emergency Economic Powers Act (“IEEPA”) authorizes asset seizures, tariffs and other preemptive responses — with no requirement to first prove wrongdoing — for a national security or economic threat that “has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States.” When President Trump says “China virus” it appears this isn’t just a political “dog whistle” — it’s his foundation for invoking IEEPA again, as he has done five times already.

President Trump recently suggested delaying the November election, and plans to sue Nevada to stop their new mail-in voting system. Note: Absentee voting and universal vote–by–mail are different — you must request an Absentee ballot, but in eight universal vote–by–mail states everyone is sent a ballot — no request is needed. Still, a major increase in Absentee voting is expected, the United States Postal Service is under severe strain, and some State laws do not allow Absentee ballots delivered immediately or some specified number of days after election day to be counted. We face a real danger of widespread ballot challenges — possibly involving millions of ballots — and a disputed election result. In the wake of Congressional negotiations that appear to have failed, President Trump is now talking about extending the federal unemployment supplement by executive order — bypassing Congress.

We watched impeachment fail to rein in an out–of–control chief executive. (Disclosure: I have a new Constitutional theory on impeachment, demonstrating that it is actually far more powerful and flexible than “Conventional Wisdom” would have us believe.) We’ve also seen how ponderous and ineffective the judicial process can be when trying to rein in even Presidential illegality. Very simply, at this point — after Congress and the Judiciary have both failed to rein in Trump — it’s up to us; We the People!

But even that may not be enough. Shortly after a close, disputed election — or even before — it is simply impossible to predict what President Trump might do on a “emergency” basis — or what the ultimate result might be.

Under our current incredibly dangerous circumstances I believe there is no reasonable alternative but to support Joe Biden and oppose Jason Lewis. Minnesota must continue to investigate and challenge the “Dangerous Opinions” of both President Trump and Jason Lewis from now to November.

If Mr. Lewis wins the primary, Minnesota Republicans will face an unprecedented reckoning. I plan to continue my political involvement, writing, and video production one way or another. If I lose the primary, I may promote a Republican write–in campaign for the US Senate… not necessarily for my own candidacy; but only if there can be certainty that it would not lead to a divided vote and the election of Jason Lewis, which would be a disaster.

We’ll see what happens in the primary. I’m asking for your vote in the GOP primary August 11th.

Minnesota state law permits voters to vote in only one party’s primary. However, Minnesota has what is called an “open primary” system — any voter can choose which primary to vote in. You do not have to be a registered or declared member of a party — in fact, because there is no party registration in Minnesota it is literally impossible to be a registered Democrat or a registered Republican. By the way, the August 11 primary is different from the Minnesota Presidential Primary — held earlier this year — where the party primary you selected was on a list provided to the chairs of political parties, who could then publicize that information. Unlike that Presidential primary, because we have a secret ballot for the August 11th primary, you can choose what party primary to vote in, and who to vote for, in the privacy of the voting booth. A final note: if you are in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, I encourage all non–Republicans in that district to vote in the DFL primary; Antone Melton–Meaux is running against Rep. Ilhan Omar, and I would recommend Melton–Meaux as a preferable choice for all Fifth District voters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We must all use our best judgment in deciding what to do --

Bob “Again” Carney Jr. (“bobagain”)


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